Packing tables/Workstations

EVC supplies specialised packing tables for professionals in the logistics sector and manufacturing industry. For the productivity and profitability of your company, a fast and error-free flow of products is of great importance.

Pallet stabilisation

The risk of damage is very high, which makes it extremely important to stabilise the load on your pallets in the right way.


Do you wish to send your parcels more efficiently? The Doculabel system makes it easy to attach documents to your shipments. It offers many advantages over the transparent shipping envelope.

Warehouse carts

Making an efficient contribution to the packing and order picking process by supplying standard, modular and custom-made warehouse carts. These warehouse carts are an essential part of the entire internal transport.

Anti-fatigue mat

At many workstations work is carried out standing up. An anti-fatigue mat can be used to prevent physical discomfort caused by long-term standing. The anti-fatigue mat makes an essential contribution to your ergonomically sound workplace.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are indispensable for order picking or the packing process. In addition, a roller conveyor is also an excellent buffer, which saves space in the warehouse.

Filling and protection material

Don’t think too easily when it comes to transporting a product. The risk of damage is very high because your product has to endure a lot during transport.