Anti-fatigue mat

At many workstations work is carried out standing up. An anti-fatigue mat can be used to prevent physical discomfort caused by long-term standing. The anti-fatigue mat makes an essential contribution to your ergonomically sound workplace. This type of mat is specially designed to allow the body to move in a natural, imperceptible way. In this way, the mat reduces leg fatigue and provides significantly higher standing comfort.

Improved job satisfaction and productivity with the anti-fatigue mat

Long-term standing on a hard surface can cause joint and muscle pain because the blood circulation in the legs is not optimal. With an anti-fatigue mat you create a soft surface to work on. Without being aware of it, the mat gives impulses to the calf and leg muscles. These impulses prevent fatigue issues because the blood in the veins no longer stagnates. Acknowledged problems resulting from prolonged standing are prevented with the help of workshop mats. The use of an anti-fatigue mat reduces absenteeism due to illness and increases productivity and job satisfaction!


EVC’s range of products

Discomfort in the legs and signs of fatigue are common problems for employees working standing up. The use of an anti-fatigue mat prevents and/or alleviates these discomforts. The mats are available in various profiles, thicknesses and designs. An EVC expert will be happy to determine which mat is most suitable for your environment. Thanks to our extensive product range, we have a suitable solution for every working environment available.


Besides specialised anti-fatigue mats we also offer ESD antistatic mats and our range includes food grade mats as well.