Self-adhesive Doculabel document covers

The alternative to packing list envelopes

Do you wish to send your parcels more efficiently? The Doculabel system makes it easy to attach documents to your shipments. It offers many advantages over the transparent shipping envelope. With the Doculabel system you work many times faster and moreover you do not generate any waste. Thus you are also environmentally friendly! Curious how it works? The video below shows how the Doculabel works in practice.

Dispenser for self-adhesive document covers

If you use transparent ‘adhesive bags’, it is certainly worth considering using the Doculabel. The Doculabel dispenser is easy to attach to any workplace. It works as follows: you place the folded document in the red boxes of the transparent label, pull the label and document towards you and tear off the label to attach it directly to your shipment. This easy method makes the Doculabel significantly faster (6 to 12 seconds) than an adhesive bag. Furthermore, you no longer generate waste because no adhesive strips need to be removed to attach the document cover. No waste and a significantly faster working method ensure that you work significantly more efficiently and cleaner.

Doculabel in different sizes and batches

The Doculabel allows you to embed your documents faster and in a more environmentally friendly way. The Doculabels are available in different batches and in the sizes DIN Long, A6 and A5. In addition, it is now possible to create a ‘Private Label‘ by means of new technologies and for example¬† include your own name and/or logo on this unique label!