EVC supplies specialised packing tables for professionals in the logistics sector and manufacturing industry. This includes webshops, manufacturers and wholesalers with their own packaging department. For the productivity and profitability of your company, a fast and error-free flow of products is of great importance. To make packing processes within your organisation as effective as possible, we develop our packing tables based on the E3 concept. This concept is built on the three most important success factors of your packing department: efficiency, economy and ergonomics.

E3 concept: working efficiently, economically and ergonomically

In order to work efficiently, economically and ergonomically, it is essential that the necessary resources are always within reach. In addition, walking, turning and lifting movements must be eliminated or reduced to a minimum. Finally, it is important that work can be carried out in the smallest possible area. Configuring packing tables and packing departments together in this manner results in significantly less effort being required to carry out the same work. The safe and structured design of workstations ensures that employees keep an overview. Working according to the E3 concept therefore ensures more productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction.

Modular packing tables

Our packing tables are configured out of a large number of modular components. Among others, we offer solo workstations for one person and duo workstations for two persons to save space. These packing tables can be fitted with a wide range of accessories as required, such as a PC holder, various types of dispensers or storage drawers. The accessories required depend of course on the work to be carried out. Together with you, we would be happy to discuss which accessories you need for the optimal design of your packing table.

Customized packing tables

In addition to modular packing tables, we also supply custom-made solutions. Every logistics operation is different and has its own material flows. In order to achieve an optimum result, it is important that your packing tables are geared to these requirements. One of our account managers will be happy to visit you to view the processes within your organisation. Together with you, we will design a customised solution tailored specifically to your packing department. Of course based on our unique E3 concept.