Solo packing tables

Solo packing tables are designed to work individually on a minimized surface area. Packing tables are used at the end of the goods flow. Therefore, a correct coordination with the surroundings is necessary, whether it concerns preparing products for shipment, assembling or checking products and/or packaging. Together with us you decide which elements of the packing table need extra attention or which accessories are essential.

E3 concept

The E3 concept is at the heart of the design of our packing tables: working efficiently, ergonomically and economically. The fact that the work can be carried out in one place means that minimal physical effort is required on the part of the employee. The packing tables must contribute in an essential way to work optimally and to save time. Because employees walk less and have to make fewer reaching and stretching movements, and because all supplies are offered within reach in one place, a pleasant workplace is created.

Fully equipped workplace

A solo packing table is part of a fully equipped workplace. We assist you during expansion, replacement or redesign of workstations in the logistics working environment. Based on our many years of experience in designing workstations, we can anticipate on your needs and provide you with tailored advice on the best packing tables.

Standard customisation at EVC

If you decide on an EVC packing table, you choose a sustainable solution. Not only are the robust tables made of high quality material, they also relieve you of long-term stress. We offer tailor-made solutions, looking at your processes and wishes. Based on this, a perfect solution can be found for every organisation. As standard, you can count on customisation.