People sometimes think too easily when it comes to transporting loads on pallets. The risk of damage is very high, which makes it extremely important to stabilise the load on your pallets in the right way.
Do you want to be able to ship your cargo on pallets without any risk? Make sure that your load is sufficiently solid and especially stable.

Safe transport due to pallet stabilisation

In the loading area of a truck, or in a container on a ship, pallets have to endure a lot. Bends and brakes cause cargo to move or deform. EVC helps to stabilise pallets safely and optimally, so you don’t have to worry about damage or unsafe situations. We have an eye for efficient, safe and ergonomic working. It is essential that your staff can wrap the pallets without any physical complaints. EVC supplies a number of solutions for your company. The preparation process starts with protecting the products or materials that are being shipped. EVC also has solutions for this, like the filling and protection material of Sealed Air. Next, the pallets themselves must be stabilised and protected, so the transport can proceed in an optimal way. Means that can be used for wrapping pallets include shrink foil, wrapping foil and strapping material.

Pallet wrapper

EVC solutions make pallet stabilisation and protection a lot easier. One of the possibilities is the use of a pallet wrapping machine. The advantage of a pallet wrapper is that it works easily without the need for manpower. Another option is the manual wrapping of the pallets. In this case, foil can be applied around the pallets in a smooth movement.

Getting started with stabilising pallets

Pallet stabilisation is the ideal way to avoid unnecessary costs! Wondering if a pallet wrapper or manual wrapping is a suitable option for you? EVC will be happy to provide you with personal consultation. By providing specialised tailor-made products, a solution can be found for every workplace. Moreover, you save costs and time by optimising pallet stabilisation. You will be able to efficiently handle the protective material and transport the pallets.