EasyWrap wrapping foil

EVC offers special machine wrapping foil called EasyWrap for the mechanical wrapping of pallets. This foil optimally stabilises the load on the pallets and, like other stretch foils, also protects the load against moisture or dirt. This optimum stabilisation of the loads on pallets prevents shifts and damage.

What makes this foil unique is the cost savings it offers you. First of all, you save time – and therefore money – in the wrapping process because you can usually stabilise the pallet with less wrapping. With EasyWrap, you’ll experience how easy it is to wrap pallets so they’re ready for transport faster. In addition, the foil is extremely lightweight, which also helps you save on waste costs. Furthermore, the application of EasyWrap wrapping foil is very diverse. The ‘memory’ of the foil allows you to use it for pallets of different shapes and sizes. In terms of design, the foil is available in two versions, transparent and black. Both come in standard length and thickness.

A clear difference

To prove how much you can save with the EasyWrap wrapping foil, we have wrapped one pallet with standard foil and one with EasyWrap foil. The difference is impressive! Below you can see the difference in weight that you need to use less for the same pallet. Both the weight and the volume of the foil used are significantly less. Choosing to use this foil compared to conventional foil pays off, both economically and environmentally.

The commitment of EVC

At EVC we like to think along with you. We are not only your partner for the supply of products and systems, we also provide advice on the design of the general working environment. To provide the best service we would like to take a look at your site, so we can offer the best advice according to your wishes and requirements.