Manual pallet wrapping is underestimated, but the benefits are obvious. Pallets that are well wrapped and protected with hand wrapping foil help you avoid problems during transport. Stable pallets are easier to transport and ensure that the load can withstand rough handling. You want to wrap loads on pallets as efficiently and quickly as possible. Either by using our pallet wrapping machine or by hand.

Manual wrapping the right way

In addition to the use of pallet wrapping machines, manual pallet stabilisation is an option. Purchasing a pallet wrapping machine does not always pay off or is not profitable for small numbers of pallets, for example. That is why EVC also uses wrapping systems that can be used manually. With the LiteWrapper® you can work in an optimal way.

At EVC, efficient, safe and ergonomic working has top priority. It is essential that your staff can wrap the pallets without any physical complaints. With the LiteWrapper hand wrapping foil you are assured of a good and easy solution. You no longer have to bend over, walk backwards or hold the foil with two hands. This system contributes to a safer and more ergonomic working environment!

No more problems with foil
Are you tired of tearing off foil and tired arms? Optimal pallet wrapping does not have to be a difficult job using the LiteWrapper®.
In the videos below you can see for yourself how easy it works. The explanation provides you with additional instructions. If necessary, first cover the top with foil. You start by connecting the foil at an ergonomic height between the load. Then you simply start wrapping at the top and walk all the way through until the pallet is fully packed. Depending on the height of the pallet, you can overlap part of it with an extra layer of foil for more strength. At the top you can then tear off the foil again. This way the hand wrapping foil is tight and smooth around the pallet.

The LiteWrapper system is extremely fast; it allows you to wrap a pallet within one minute. The method also contributes to a better environment, because you don’t have to waste as much foil as with conventional solutions and no cardboard tubes are incorporated in the foil rolls.

EVC supplies the LiteWrapper® in a variety of packages, taking your wishes into account. Starterskits, Bulkpallets and Refills are available.