Top sheet stands

The process of pallet wrapping consists of several steps. Whether wrapping the pallets mechanicaly or manually, optimal protection is what our customers strive for. A possible first step in the pallet wrapping process is the use of top sheets, so-called plastic sheets, which are placed on top of a pallet.Het proces van palletwikkelen bestaat uit meerdere stappen.

The purpose of top sheets

Top sheets are used to cover pallets with a layer of foil. This layer ensures that the pallet is also protected from dust and water from above. After all, not only the sides, but also the top is exposed to external factors as dirt or moisture.

This first step is essential because it makes the next phase of wrapping easier. Manual wrapping is done by walking around the pallet in a smooth movement, upright and forward. The EVC tools enable you to do this ergonomically and efficiently, however the top of the pallet is not included. Unnecessary use of foil can be prevented by placing a top sheet on top of the pallet. This eliminates the need for the hand wrapping foil to cross-link over the pallet. After all, a first basis has already been laid.


Top sheets for top sheets rolls 

The top sheet rolls are easily held in place in specially designed stands. These are usually vertical but there is also a horizontal version that can be mounted on the wall. The pictures show top sheet stands for one or two top sheets. Top sheets are available in a transparent plastic cover foil, but also in a black version.

With these sturdy and stable ‘unrollers’ you can easily unroll the sheets from the roll, so they remain clean, dry and undamaged. In addition, there are also vertical stands that can be fitted with wheels and are therefore easy to move, so they can be used anywhere in your workspace.

The combination of the right wrapping foil, applied mechanically or manually with a top sheet that is unwound from the top sheet stand, gives a nice and tight end result.