A wrapping machine is a system designed to protect pallets or goods as optimally as possible. Besides (semi) machine wrapping, there is also the option to do this manually. However, the advantages of a wrapping machine are obvious. A machine packing method results in a more stable pallet and is also less labour-intensive. The EVC pallet wrapping machine is equipped with the unique Ergowrap® pallet wrapping program.

Professional pallet wrapping machine: rent or buy

EVC offers multiple options for wrapping pallets:

Buying a pallet wrapper

Are you in search of a permanent solution? Then we advise you to purchase a wrapping machine. Because of the cost savings, this option is especially interesting in the long term. Not only will you work more efficiently, you will also save costs on the foil, of which the usage is reduced to a minimum.

Renting a pallet wrapper

As opposed to purchase, EVC also has the option of renting a wrapping machine for peaks. The Rent-a-Wrapper® rental concept is particularly interesting for companies where, amongst other things, it is not economically possible to purchase a machine. When you rent a pallet wrapping machine from EVC, you do not have to worry about maintenance or possible repairs. We also guarantee that you will be hindered at a minimum by technical faults, so you can always count on the machine.

Wrapping machine specifications

  • The type of foil used in packing is essential. Our LiteWrapper® machine wrapping foil is part of the rental concept and ensures that your pallets are optimally stabilised.
  • The EVC pallet wrapping machine is flexible in use. The fork openings on the front and back make it easy to move the machine. As a result, a solution is possible in every existing installation.
  • Our machines have a 230 Volt connection instead of the usual 380 Volt. This means that the machine can be used almost anywhere.
  • The machine is also suitable for high pallets. The maximum pallet wrapping height is 2.4 metres, compared to a usual height of 1.8 to 2 metres. In addition, the turntable has a diameter of 1.65 metres. The major advantage of these dimensions is that block pallets are also kept inside the turntable and damage and/or dangerous situations are prevented.
  • Finally, the design is extremely practical. The so-called foil trolley, which contains the foil, is placed on the left side of the mast. This promotes ergonomic working for example for forklift truck drivers, who are moving pallets every day.

Wrapping machine as a solution

In short, our pallet wrapping machine provides optimum pallet stability with a minimum consumption of foil. Whether you are interested in a final purchase or in the Rent-a-Wrapper® concept, our consultants will be happy to help. From us you can expect flexibility, for example if you would like to purchase the pallet wrapper permanently during or after the rental period.