Roller conveyors are designed for internal transport in, for example, a warehouse, workshop or distribution centre. This sort of system is indispensable for order picking or the packing process. In addition, a roller conveyor is also an excellent buffer, which saves space in the warehouse. Staff can also work on a roller conveyor, for example during packing or preparing goods for shipment. In short, you keep an overview, work faster and relieve the staff!

Roller conveyors in all shapes and sizes

A distinction is made between  driven roller conveyors and non-driven roller conveyors. Non-powered roller conveyors operate based on gravity. For example, by introducing an angle of inclination into the system, goods can be moved easily without the need for a motor or drive. Depending on the size and weight of the goods to be transported, the right angle of inclination is determined. In this way the goods roll smoothly from A to B over the roller conveyor.

Roller conveyors have a wide range of applications. Non-driven roller conveyor systems can be placed in any set-up thanks to the modular construction. The flexible structure allows a solution to be found for every workplace and working environment. Instead of only working with straight tracks, solutions can also be found with roller tracks with an angle of 45 or 90 degrees.

Below you will find some advice, to help you with your purchase:

  • The load rollers in a roller conveyor are made of plastic or galvanized steel. When choosing from these options, do not forget to take into account the location of the roller tracks, the humidity in the room and other surrounding factors.
  • What are the dimensions of the goods that pass over the roller conveyors? This determines the width of the track. The load rollers, over which the goods move, can be smaller than the goods, but a system corresponding to the size of the goods works best.
  • The space between the individual rollers, the so-called roll pitch, also plays a major role. For good transport of the goods, it is important that they are supported by at least three load rollers.
  • Roller conveyors can also be used as buffer locations for transport trolleys, especially for smaller distances.
  • Also take into consideration the bottom of the goods. A system of course works optimally with a flat contact surface, enabling the goods to be transported smoothly over the rollers.


A faster and safer work process with EVC roller conveyors

Are improvements to your internal transport necessary and are you looking to use roller conveyors for this? The possibilities include powered and non-driven roller conveyors as well as customised solutions. EVC consults you in finding the best solution for your workplace configuration. Thanks to our experience in installing roller conveyor systems, we know what the common problems and pitfalls are. We will gladly take a look at your site to see what we can do for you.

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