EVC supplies both powered and non-powered roller conveyors. A non-powered, or non-driven roller conveyor operates on a gravity basis. By positioning a non-driven roller conveyor at an angle of inclination, you can easily move goods without the need for a drive. The angle of inclination will be determined based on the size and weight of the goods to be transported by the conveyor. EVC would be pleased to consider which type of roller conveyor best fits your warehouse or distribution centre. Together we make sure that everything runs smoothly!

Possibilities of non-driven roller conveyors

Non-driven roller conveyors are available in different types and sizes. Depending on the products being transported over the conveyor, the length and width of the roller conveyor will be determined. The type of load rollers should also be adjusted accordingly. EVC offers a number of standard solutions, but can also provide custom-made solutions if your situation requires so.


Roller conveyor as part of the logistics process

Using a (non-driven) roller conveyor allows you to work more economically! When there is a large flow of products that follow a fixed route, a roller conveyor often works faster than transporting products by hand or by warehouse cart.