Roller conveyors are part of the company’s internal transport and can be used for boxes, crates and pallets, for example. EVC supplies several types of roller conveyors, including a power-driven version. Powered roller conveyors use a drive at the end of the conveyor to make the conveyor run automatically. For example, it operates using strings, a chain, a toothed belt or drum motors. A roller conveyor also consists of a drive axle, load rollers, a steering and possibly turning platforms. We can also provide you with extra options such as manual stoppers, side guides or folding sections.

The capacity of a powered roller conveyor

Depending on the weight and speed at which you want to move goods on a roller conveyor, there are driven roller conveyors in different versions. For example, the length, width and type of load rollers differ for varying (load) capacities. In general, the heavier the goods, the more powerful the required drive system. This also determines the speed. For example, when transporting light goods, a higher speed is possible. Safety for personnel and the surrounding area is always paramount when using a roller conveyor.


The advantages of powered roller conveyors

Speed can be a hazard on long, non-driven tracks. Goods must be slowed down at the end of a roller conveyor to prevent damage caused by sudden braking, for example. In the case of driven roller conveyors this does not apply and therefore brake rollers do not need to be integrated. Everything runs automatically.
In addition, driven roller conveyors have the great advantage over non-driven conveyors that goods can be moved over long distances without physical effort.
This reduces the burden on personnel and speeds up the transport process because a large part is carried out automatically.
EVC also takes into account the ease of use of the roller conveyors. It may occur that rollers charge statically due to a lack of conductors of the electric current. However, an antistatic design is available to prevent unnecessary shocks.


Achieving logistics solutions

We are happy to deal with your logistic problems. EVC’s range includes standard solutions but we also supply tailor-made systems. This way you can count on specific answers to your wishes and requirements.