Efficient working is achieved by picking orders correctly. There are different techniques and resources to achieve this. EVC provides the means to make an efficient contribution to the packing and order picking process by supplying standard, modular and custom-made warehouse carts. These warehouse carts are an essential part of the entire internal transport. They can also be used outside the warehouse, for example for the mobile storage of parts or products. With a warehouse cart you can move large numbers of goods efficiently and quickly.

Tailor-made warehouse carts

Customisation is very important for warehouse carts. After all, you want carts to be suitable for the products you deliver. Is your preference not in our current ‘standard’ range? EVC supplies tailor-made carts for various purposes, in which we always include your wishes regarding dimensions and materials in the design. Thanks to our broad product range, we can help every customer find a solution. This way you can count on a perfect service from design to commissioning.


Specifications and parts

Warehouse carts or order picking carts are part of the transport system in your company. Each process is unique and requires its own specific carts. We offer various storage carts including models in metal, wood, aluminum, plastic or stainless steel. In our extensive range you will find, amongst others:

  • Box carts
  • ESD carts
  • Shelved carts
  • Lifting tables
  • Modular order picking carts
  • Platform trolleys
  • Table trolleys

Using (order picking) carts to optimally load and select goods in a warehouse or workshop can save you unnecessary costs. You will notice the financial benefits of deploying the right trolleys, because staff have to walk significantly less meters and there is less traffic in your warehouse. The trolleys are easy to manoeuvre through narrow paths. The push bars ensure an ergonomically sound work environment for your staff. Especially in the long term this results in a considerable cost saving!


Internal transport using a warehouse cart

Interested in one of the EVC warehouse carts? If you want your order picking to run smoothly or if you have specific questions about this, we are happy to assist. For more information about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us or take a look at the products.