A modular order picking cart from EVC is the solution for successful picking of orders. In order to make the process of preparing orders for shipment as efficient as possible, the requirements and application purposes of an order picking cart must be clear. Do you also want to use the carts to buffer goods? Or do you want to move (heavy) goods and is an electric drive a solution? Depending on the answer to these questions, we will gladly examine which modular order picking cart is the best option for you.

Modular order pickings carts

The sturdy order pickers play an essential role in your internal warehouse logistics and ensure an optimal flow. A unique advantage of these carts compared to  standard order picking carts is that the carts are made up of separate modules. This ensures flexibility and applicability in every industry and working environment. The trolleys can be equipped in different versions and with a number of accessories, such as a ladder. You can always count on high quality, functionality, ergonomics and design.
In terms of ergonomics, modular carts increase the ease of use. Not only an innovative layout of your warehouse, but also the right tools ensure that personnel are less physically burdened. With modular order picking carts, multiple orders can be picked along the same route, because goods can easily be sorted. The ergonomic handles and for example the 5th wheel ensure that the carts can be manoeuvred smoothly. This way you lose less running time and your efficiency increases!


Order picking with a modular order picking cart

EVC has years of experience in using modular order picking carts. In addition to the well-known solutions for workstations, we also supply custom-made order picking carts. These are specifically aimed at your order picking process and your goods, for which there are countless possibilities due to the multitude of individual modules. For example, we offer the so-called “Pick and Pack” cart, where, as the name suggests, two processes are merged. Using boxes on the cart, the goods are immediately picked in the right box.
Thanks to our wide range of both standard carts and custom-made order picking carts, we can offer a solution for every budget, ensuring a better return on investment in order picking at all times. More information can be found at the EVC range of  other carts and trolleys for warehouse or distribution centre.