For internal moving and order picking of goods, warehouse carts come in handy. The carts are indispensable when working with goods in, for example, a workshop, warehouse or storage space. For warehouse carts, you have come to the right place at EVC. As a specialist in ergonomic working, we have plenty of experience in optimising your internal transport and we offer concrete solutions.

Long lifespan due to quality

The large range of transport vehicles offers an application for every company. When choosing a warehouse cart, you have the option of standard versions, like platform trolleys, workshop carts, shelved carts, table trolleys, hand carts and pallet carts. However, should you prefer a specific type of car? Then we would be happy to think along with you for a tailor-made solution.
At EVC you are in most cases assured of a standard guarantee on warehouse carts of no less than 10 years. We keep this promise when it comes to after-sales service, so you can work carefree. The equipment is manufactured by a qualified manufacturer or by ourselves. The quality of the material is paramount.


Standard carts for your warehouse

The use of warehouse carts improves the ergonomic working process. You prefer spending as little time as possible on unnecessary routes or unnecessary personnel accidents. The handy trolleys are therefore designed for ultimate ease of use. By means of rubber swivel and fixed wheels, the trolleys are very manageable and can be manoeuvred effortlessly. Furthermore, the shelved carts are characterized by robustness and light weight. For example, a steel construction can handle a weight of up to 400 kilograms. If you want to use the shelved carts for these weights, it is wise to choose a version with an electric drive. The shelves are available in wood fibreboard or steel with an anti-slip coating if required. In this way, the use of warehouse carts is safe and ergonomically sound for the staff.

Do you want to use multiple warehouse carts, but your available space is limited? In that case, the option of stackable warehouse carts is a good solution. This will save you 75% space with multiple carts!